‘Striker’ is not a game for children. It’s not a game of chance.

‘Striker’ is a seriously accurate replica of the skills and tactics of a soccer/football match.

A game of ‘Striker’ plays out with authenticity and realism. ‘Striker’ mirrors every tactic used in top level football; pressing, tiki taka, long balls forward, short sharp passing, pressing high up the park… if you’ve seen it done in a real match, you can replicate the same strategies in a match of ‘Striker’.

The game is so accurate, I have personally used it as a training tool to coach players in the importance of positioning, maintaining formation and the importance of defensive discipline.

The game runs like a wargame; using probabilities and a ruler to determine the movements of players and the distance of passes.

Every rule in a real match applies in ‘Striker’; offside, yellow cards, free-kicks and substitutions.

A match of ‘Striker’ takes about 90 minutes to play – the same duration as a real game of football/soccer.

Each Cycle of play is divided into actions by the team in possession, followed by the team in defense. Players on the attack can dribble, pass, run with the ball or move their players. Combinations of each action are possible, so a one-two passing combination works in ‘Striker’ exactly the same way it does on the real pitch. Passes can be targeted to a man or passed into space. Players can dribble through a defense and snap a shot on goal. Tackling and deflections of the ball are all represented with authentic realism.

Once the attacking team completes its actions, the defense gets the chance to respond. The quality of passing in this game is crucial. Passes are either ‘perfect’ (they arrive to their target man and he has immediate control) or imperfect (the ball arrives to the target man but he needs time to control the ball) or failed. A failed pass means it has missed the intended man and landed somewhere nearby.

The defense determines their actions based on the quality of the attacking passes and movements. Just like in the real game, the defenders are waiting for the chance to tackle a ball carrier ‘on his touch’.

The formation you choose; the number of midfielders, defenders and strikers you put on the park will directly affect the outcome of the game… and so will the tactics you employ. Teams can press for possession or sit deep in defense. The strategy of counter-attack applies in ‘Striker’, just as in the real game. In short – how you play this game WILL affect the result of the match.

There are world-renowned Managers at the elite level of football that we all admire.

Do you think you could out-coach Pep, or Jose? ‘Striker’ gives you a unique playing mechanism to test out every tactic you ever imagined.

‘Striker’ requires no bookkeeping, no written records. The game flows as quickly as a real match. All you need to do is keep track of each Cycle played out. That’s it.

‘Striker’ is a game that can be played between two opponents or on your own. This game replays brilliantly for solo players.

“‘Striker tabletop soccer/football’ is seriously thrilling fun! This game plays out on a tabletop with such incredible realism that it’s easy to get swept up in all the passion and excitement of the moment. The best thing about the rules is their unique simplicity and their amazing realism. This is more than a game. ‘Striker’ makes you think. It’s tremendous fun, and an absolute challenge for every fan and lover of the great sport!”

B. Fuller, Washington


Who should play ‘Striker’?

*Anyone who is a passionate fan of the sport.

*Every club and every coach involved in amateur and junior soccer/football.

*Every parent who wants to guide their child through the finer points of the sport to help them improve.

*Every wargamer who is looking for a genuine tactical and strategic challenge.

*Everyone who supports a particular team and wants to replay their matches.

*Everyone who has aspirations of soccer/football coaching or management.

*Subbuteo players who cannot find an opponent. ‘Striker’ is the perfect solo game.