The Striker Rulebook Paperback


Paperback Edition. Each match plays just like a war-game. Use miniature figures or cardboard markers. Can be played by two players or solo. Price is in USD.  



Developed over twelve months of play-testing by Tony Moffitt, ‘Striker!’ is a set of easy rules to play realistic tabletop soccer/football, using an innovative mechanism to create genuinely realistic matches that mirror the tactics used in a real game.

Tony is an experienced soccer/football coach who has coached players of all ages and skill abilities in Australia, Ireland and Spain. To develop the rule set he met with coaches from the English Premier League, Irish football, Dutch football and coaches from the Spanish La Liga… as well as many Academy coaches across Europe.

Tony has also been wargaming with miniature figures for over 40 years. It’s a combination of all this experience and knowledge that makes ‘Striker!’ the stunning game that it is.

‘Striker!’ draws on all Tony’s knowledge and experience to create a game that will give an elegant simple playability but also stunning realism.

‘Striker!’ is playable with miniature figures and is completely compatible with a Subbuteo pitch and players. However the game can be played out just as well on your own table using cardboard counters or even coins to represent players. The game also plays beautifully solo!

Everything you need to begin play is contained within the ‘Striker!’ rulebook. There are no add-ons, and no expansions required. The ‘Striker!’ rules are the complete package.

All you need are some dice, a tape measure and a table!

At the back of the book is a series of summary pages that contain all the relevant rules for easy reference.

Playing ‘Striker!’ involves no book-keeping, and no need to constantly reference information. A game of ‘Striker!’ takes about 90 minutes … the same time as a real football match!

“I’m very proud of these rules. I believe ‘Striker!’ is a wonderful reproduction of all the skills, thrills and tactics of real soccer/football. The games are completely authentic in every tactical and strategic sense… and everything that you can do in a real game can be replicated with ‘Striker!’. The game is so accurate, I have used these miniature matches as a coaching tool for the teams I have trained.”

-Tony Moffitt.